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Email Marketing

HTML E-mail Marketing.

E-mail Marketing has been around for quite a long time and has been used to a lesser or greater extent in the way it has been presented.  E-mail can be used in only two ways either text only or html, the advantage of using html is that it is far more impact, with use of colour and graphics and clickable links.
There is a something of a fine line between sending SPAM and Genuine E-mail Marketing so we have included some guidelines below:
•    Never send e-mail to random addresses of persons that you or someone else collected from the internet.
•    It is always better to keep to one or two products as this focuses attention.
•    Always give your contact details and a way to unsubscribe from further mailing, not doing so amounts to SPAM.
The decision to have branded online advertisements, promotions, newsletters and invitations from a professionally built email marketing templates can go a long way to enhancing your business image.
Should you request us to manage your HTML E-mail Marketing campaign, we would require you to supply us with your own address list.  The other necessary components to build the e-mail can be supplied by us or by you our client.



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