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Logo,Graphic Design,Corporate Identity and Branding

Illustrative Logo:
a logo which clearly illustrates what your company does.
Graphic Logo:
a logo that includes a graphic, often an abstraction, of what your company does.
Font-based Logo:
a text treatment which represents your company.

What is proper branding? It's telling the story of your company or product across all forms of media and interaction with style and personality. Every time you do anything online or offline, your branding is the guide that ensures your story stays true and clear. Whether you have some existing brand elements, or need to establish a new brand, we can develop the right plan for your brand.

It begins with your logo - a symbol or trademark that reflects your services and products. Having a great logo designed is vitally important in creating a professional representation of your business. We provide your organization the professional appeal it deserves.

So how does this work? Our graphic design process is simple...

We begin by working on a few design variants for your company name. Our designers will provide you with 2/3 options to choose from, with 2 sets of changes after approval of one logo has been picked. Once you have made your decision, we then perfect your logo until you are 100% satisfied! Once the logo has been established, everything else falls into place quickly. We begin to work on other types of media to pull your new brand across - be it business cards, letterheads, brochures, email stationery and all other forms of branding material needed for your company.

We also design publication layouts, pamphlets for marketing, corporate brochures and adverts of all sizes. Just send us a quote request with all your specs and we will send you a reasonable cost estimation to help get your corporate branding designed.




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